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  • decat sound

    Hi, i have just the precat downpipe at present, im doing my system in stages as it would take me a while to save for the full system and im inpatient lol.
    I am wanting to no, if i got the main decat section.. so i have precat decat and main decat, but standard catback, would i get a louder note due to the decat? Or am i better off going for a catback 1st for the noise, but with obviously no power gains? Cheers

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    Does a decat on it's own change the exhaust tone? And pops? Or any change in noise at all?


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      Thats what i am wanting to no mate, i only have the precat atm and get the odd pop but im wanting a deeper not and im wanting to no if a main decat would, as this way i would get noise and gains but im more wanting some noise. Im sick of this standard zorst!


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        Removing the front cat and replacing with a decat pipe will make the pops and bangs you want, its the unburnt fuel that spits into the front decat that causes the pops and bangs.
        Installing a bigger bore exhaust to match will increase the noise more.