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  • Nightmare!

    UPS buzzed to come and pick up some parcels (I live on top floor of 6 storey apartments), went to turn the knob that unlocks the door from the inside and it just fell off in my hand! I was like nnnnnooooooooooooo

    Just kept twisting and twisting round when I tried to put it back on, would not unlock the door. The UPS man just said I have to go good luck and left me lol

    So I then had to ring the management company to get the caretakers number, threw my keys down to him and he came to open the door from the outside - lucky he was here! So now the door won't lock from the inside. Waiting for the letting agent to ring me back about getting a locksmith round. What a kerfuffle!! And I need to go and pick up my VXR before they close argh!!
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    what sort door knob/furniture have you got and what kind of door lock?