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    Just wondered has anyone ever bought from them before, i have been on their site and then on their eBay site and have found the full set i want for my car, i want to upgrade to the Sub Deal 2 they have on which has a 3000W Sub and 3000W Amp then the Box and 3000W wiring kit...... also wanting the door and rear speakers they do.....

    just wondered what anyone thought of them

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    my mate had them in his rs turbo lasted about 2 years then blew up lol. i would stay clear

    244.7 BHP 322.3 LB/FT
    Quarter Mile 13.9 Seconds @ 99mph
    0-60 in 6.23 secs at Trax '09 beating 2 brand new Focus RS's on the day


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      Having had the unfortunate pleasure of installing these on a car for someone, my advice would be steer clear, as there are many a big name manufacturer that offers cheaper and better products.


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        yeah dont get these they arent good at all i had the 3000 watt amp and it wasnt pushing that out nor was it the loudest


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          Thanks guys, sounds like I should stay away, looking at their site and talking to someone through email I finally know what I want but that would be from any company as I wasn't sure before hand, I like alpine, vibe, kenwood but wouldnt want spend too much but I would want alot of bass and 3000w seems decent, any more I think the car will fall over lol