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Insurance Nightmare

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  • Insurance Nightmare


    So i've not really post on here before but I need a rant

    So i rang up my insurance company earlier to see how it affects my premium with a re-map... they point blank tell me they don't cover them... i ask them to double check because i know people who are covered with them. The guy went to get a manager and I got cut off. So i ring back, explain it again, get put through to the manager who explains they specifically do not cover remaps of any kind... again it cuts off... so i ring back a third time only to be told i'm failing DPA because my date of birth is wrong! I spoke to some guy and his manager who both refused to talk to be because I can't pass DPA!!??

    So now i have to go to the effort of ringing them tomorrow to complain about the fact that if my date of birth is wrong on their system they've broken DPA the 6 or so times i've rang them so far this year and they've been happy to charge my credit card and give me every bit of information I could ever want!

    Ah well, i'm smelling some compensation, maybe a full refund of my premium?!?

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    which insurance company?


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        there a nightmare, they do cover remaps but only up to 25% increase on bhp had this problem with our car, they never seemed to understand the 'remap' part of it, so we just stuck with saying we are looking to increase our bhp to bla bla bla to stage bla bla bla.... finally they clocked on and quoted us took a while tho! and every person we spoke to didnt say the same as the last person did! good luck!