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done again on ebay

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  • done again on ebay

    well payed for some indicator sorounds last week 30th
    sent the person 3 emails and no reply so got to mess around now with ebay to get my cash back

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    Me too mate I paid for stuff last week and the goods still haven't arrived,waiting on ebay to sort it out coz the seller has never replied to my emails.


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      lucky yous can get your money back, theres a guy trying to bump me just now i think, hes was selling vxr styling kits so i got 1 for my gfs corsa, and he always asks for cash on collection but since hes over 5hours away i said would he send it and he agreed, so was supposidly sent last monday, to arrive on wed, then thur, then on fri he txts saying its been seigned for on the thur at 3, i said no chance as i was in and theres noone in my street by that name, so heard nothing from him till today saying he will get on to tnt tomorrow, hes not telling me what the tracking number is everytime i txt, luckily though i found out his address through other people that have bought from him cash on collection, so if he doesnt sort me out tomorrow then he will be getting a wee visit
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        if its vaux stuff your after use autovaux, they are genuine GM dealers but much cheaper


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          Listening to you guy's I've been very lucky with Ebay.
          not made that many purchases and only one close encounter.
          but the seller gave me a hard luck story and paid me back what he owed me
          Would like to do more,

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            Iv bought hundreads of items, every single one has been on time and in great condition...apart from one dvd that was a copy :S but tbh i pyed £3 for a new release and it was in perfect qaulity
            Not yet a owner of a corsa vxr... Will be come march.. roll on cheap insurance!


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              It has only been one week and it is holiday time so the person may be away.

              Give the person some extra time, and take it from there.