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Dealer has lost my service book!!! :@

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  • Dealer has lost my service book!!! :@

    took my car in to my local vauxhall dealer last thursday for its 2nd service.

    got the car back later on that day, didnt look for it wen i got in the car as was in a bit of rush so had a look later that evening only to find it had gone missing.

    my service book never leaves my car and has been there since the last service, so the only place it cud have gone missing is at the garage.

    called then up the next day and they said it was on the back seat and to check my car. so i check everywhere and its no place to be seen. they say that as i have got all the receipts for all services i can get a duplicate one but it has duplicate written all over it so not sure how thats gona look wen i come to sell it on.

    not sure what to do the garage is giving me limited answers and not sure if its worth a email or a call to vauxhall them self.

    would they contact al the people that had there car serviced that day to check they aint got it??

    what you lot think i should do??

    any help would be great


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    WTF sue ther asses lol that's bad and careless should be able to order a new one but don't pay a penny out of your own wallet get them tarts to pay

    Good luck pal


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      naaa would only be a duplicate one and would look crap wen i come to sell it on.


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        How olds the car then? About two year?


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          Originally posted by Ajsvxr View Post
          naaa would only be a duplicate one and would look crap wen i come to sell it on.
          And if they have lost it and your bot willing to accept a replacement then your stuck as there is no other way I'm afraid apart from a duplicate.

          Surely there's a legal adviser on her that can tel you the next step mate keep tabs on this thread for one

          If not start calling around


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            OOOH dear,I feel a call to customer care coming on.


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              ive ad same problem they deny having it said only take it when doing service


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                You'll be able to get another book done up no problem, simply ask them to stamp it up to date. If they have serviced your car to from new then they will have all on record.
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                  0845 090 2044

                  Enough said

                  V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.