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Sold the Vectra :(

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  • Sold the Vectra :(

    It wasnt a VXR as such (the 3.0 v6 oil burner) but it was still pretty fun to drive. I didnt think id miss it as much as i do to be honest.

    It was a toss up whether to take the economical point of view and get an older car or go crazy and buy a vxr8 or something.

    After looking at the pro's and cons i bought a 2002 3 series (booooo hisss :P )

    Anyway its a good car but i sure do miss the v6

    Give it a year or two and i might come back to VX :P

    Still gonna keep my eye on here, espically if a Nurburging ring trip is organised or anyone decides on an Oulton Pk track day

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    I used to have a 3.0 v6 with a remap which i purchased when I decided to get shot of a 3 series coupe diesel and the Veccie was by far the better motor, beat the BMW hands down on just about everything, including fuel economy


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      ^ yeah, im stunned at how much fuel the 318 is going through tbh.