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Any camera experts?

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  • Any camera experts?

    Basically i just want to know if mine is knackered or not lol.

    I've got a canon powershot A95, got it out today and in the light or with the flash on the photos come out on the LCD looking like negatives.

    I've tried resetting it, there are no effects active, turned red eye off thats about the extent of my knowledge. Oh i tried turning it off and on


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    it sounds like you've changed to RAW, go to your menu and in one of the options it will say something like medium image, larger image and RAW mode, just deselect RAW and go for large/normal picture....

    thats what it sounds like to me, i've never used that camara myself and just going off what a can remember on my slr, presuming the menus are going to be nearly the same

    Corsa VXR now sold


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      Can't find that m8, only options i've got are for exposure, AWB, ISO speed, effects, drive mode, evaluative and then pic size. Its wierd because in normal household light its fine, just the sun and the flash makes em cack


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        It wont be the Raw option as that is not going to make the pictures like that.

        Can you post some pics up so we can have a look at the issue.