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so thats why our insurance is so high!

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  • so thats why our insurance is so high!

    anyone watching BBC1

    this makes me soooo angry.

    it isnt because young people crash, its because people drive round roundabouts an slam on for no reason!!
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    I've not seen it but I know what you mean. The average persons policy is increased by around £50 a year because of this. This coupled with a few other factors is the reason our insurance premiums are so much higher.


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      I hate people that slam their brakes on for no reason on round abouts. There is no need and it is so un safe. Somepeople seam to think you have to stop before you can carry on.

      When my ex was learning she was told that she had to stop at every roundabout regardless if there was anything coming or not. I told he this was not correct but she wouldnt listen to me. 2 weeks later she stopped at a roundabout and somone hit her and guess what it was classed as their fault. not fair was really her fault. ( i can say this as she is my ex lol )

      sorry to ramble on but it my biggist bugbear on the roads.