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Wish me luck???

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  • Wish me luck???

    Ok this will probably end up costin me more but I`m arguin my speedin ticket.
    Was on 2 wheels {triumph daytona} with the good lady and got zapped at 71 in 60, at 12.36pm. on a nice sunday afternoon. After arguin the t#ss with woman on the phone I got the pictures, showed me tucked behind 4 cars as i passed the "safety camera van". 1st pic.
    2nd pic, still sat there. 3rd pic nearly half klm away passed but pulling back in front of said cars on a "straight road".
    Cars tootling along at 50mph and the bl##dy camera man was just waitin for me to pass the cars.
    So after sending a very nice letter to Staffs police they still say I need to pay up. I decided to try make my point and let this go to court.
    Fingers crossed eh!!!
    Would you argue or just give up and send licence get your 3 points and 60 quid lighter.???
    Nurburgring Astra #451, the old faithful. Ls2 VXR8 in Impulse Blue.#58. 1 of Only 15 manuals.

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    Was you speeding, if so take the fine and points.

    If you go to court and lose you will get a bigger fine and more points.


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      Gotta agree with the above


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        been there, done that, wouldnt do it again! (72 in a 60 on my R6)

        3 points and £60 i'd accept of accepted that (wish i had now), i argued it and they upped mine to 5 points and £120 fine plus court costs aswell - ended up £275 in the end!

        take it on the chin mate and just pay it, just learn from your mistakes and dont do it again, thats all i would say.



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          take a look on here m8,gives you really good advice !!!
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            If you was speeding then you know what to do.

            Admit your in the wrong, save yourself money and effort mate
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              if you were speeding take the fine and points if not argu


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                sorry to say but i agree with the above.... he was waiting for you to pull out because he knew you would so you made it easy for him.....coppers instinct.

                where in staffs was you???


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                  . Thanks for all your advice peeps.
                  My 7 days are up on Friday. I need to send all things to plod . I aint doin that, it can wait till Tue when I get back from the weekend. I need both parts to drive I`v been informed. And not missing out on that

                  I live in Newcastle {Staffs}
                  Got pulled on the Mkt Drayton to Loggerheads road.
                  Nurburgring Astra #451, the old faithful. Ls2 VXR8 in Impulse Blue.#58. 1 of Only 15 manuals.