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your thought on drink driving

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  • your thought on drink driving

    now this was a serious thread on another forum! every one saying the limit should be lower, they should have their cars crushed!

    then came this genious post! pleas read it like a comedians saying it! its tongue in cheek and all for a laugh

    Oh here we go again, loads of boring ****ing coppers and self righteous bores are going to start gobbing off now about rescuing kittens from evil drink drivers. The best school bus driver I ever had as a kid was a raving alchy, he was mega "Scream if you wanna go faster kids!", he was a bit sluggish first thing in the morning but the afternoon run after a few stiffeners was a thing of beauty.

    Everyone knows having a few drinks helps people relax a bit and as long as you don't kick the **** out of it you'll be reet. I reckon there should be a semi sobriety driving test where you can pay to go along and compete against some brain addled grandma. Basically you have a couple of pints then have to race the granny around three laps of a test track, followed by a manoeuvring phase where you have to drive around a few cones before parallel parking. After each successful win you retire to the bar for a couple more pints, you keep going until you get outperformed by Miss Daisy. This would then give you your "Bevvy rating" which gets printed on the front of your photocard.

    That way next time I'm tootling back from the pub and the filth pull me over for a breathalyser, when he goes to throw me in the meat wagon I can announce with pride "Not so fast Officer... I hold a Bevvy Rating of 6 Stellas, now unhand me my good man... hic".

    If you want to get to the real criminal in all this don't look at the innocent driver merely trying to save a few quid on a taxi, you need to start looking a little closer to home, a man many of you probably empathise with, that you allow into the sanctity of your homes.

    Yes, I'm referring to Sheriff John Bunnell. This so called lawman is laughing at you all, profiting from the disgraceful spectacle he brings to all who watch his programmes. Feeding on the misery of others and it is YOU who allow him to do this...

    ...for shame!

    I hope you can live with yourselves.


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    I mis-read the start and thought this guy was serious for a minute! Haha,
    Pretty good though! Lol