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fresh paint scratches... help

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  • fresh paint scratches... help


    had a few bits sprayed, v-grille, wing mirror caps etc...

    what im finding when im cleaning (and im definitely cleaning properly, 2 buckets, wash mit, zymol shampoo etc) the surface is scratching incredibly easily.. like, running your finger on the surface will scratch it.. im really confused, and these scratches dont come out properly either?

    has the paintwork not been dried/cooked/whatever properly?

    im picking up my eyebrows from this guy later, and im probably just gonna give him everything back, because it shouldnt be scratching like this surely?


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    When was the items painted, it will take approx 1 month for the paint to fully hardened.

    You just have to be carefull during this period.


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      hi mate

      sounds like they havent cured properly. If they havent hardened and dried like this you will physically be scratching dents into the paint which you wont be able to remove!

      chuck them straight back at him. If he had known he could have at least said be very careful with them as they still need to set a bit

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        he told me nothing at all.. the v-grille was over a month and its still doing it.. the wing mirror caps were the other day, and even he was wiping dust off with his fingers and leaving scratches in them?

        he's usually good, but i get the impression he's rushing it..

        so the more times he rushes it, the more times il throw them back at him..

        he said nothing about being careful or anything..

        sooooooooo annoying


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          It is likely they were painted with base coat and clear. The only reasons the paint will scratch is either

          1. The clear coat has been mixed at the incorrect hardener ratio, therefore incorrect cure.
          2. The incorrect hardener used.
          3, Cheap lousy paint.

          The paint needs removing and starting from scratch as it will never be right.

          Any clear or indeed solid colour will be hard within a week when done correctly when not cured in an oven. If they were cured in an oven, they would be hard when cool and should not mark in any way.

          I'm a Technical Rep for a large paint compant and we actual supply to Vauxhaul / Opel, and I specialise in these products. I also know what the test parameters are for Vauxhall and this would be a fail. If you need any more help, let me know.
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            thing is, he does a mint job on complete car repairs/rebuilds etc, i just dont know why he's getting this wrong, but its damn annoying...

            what do people suggest i do?


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              Ask him for an explanation as to why it's happening. If he does car repairs then he more than likely has a low cure oven or uses Infra Red for in situ car panel repairs etc. Either of these cure methods will correctly cure paint within an hour. Most clear coats can be applied, cured and polished as soon as they are cool after curing. A lot of plastics are painted, cured for 20 minutes at 80degC allowed to cool and then polished with no problems at the manufacturers.

              It must be a problem as I described in my earlier post.


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                Getting sorted now cheers guys..

                He's re sanding and buffing etc and bringing the finish up...

                And if that fails, he's re-doing them..

                On the plus side, the eye brows in arden blue are looking really nice..