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Any gas safe boiler engineers?

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  • Any gas safe boiler engineers?

    Does this sound right what this boiler guy said? As I need a new washer and a dryer too, I really don't need another £200+ bill atm. The Burg's going as it is because we're skint

    Re my previous thread - which basically says - Potterton boiler (PROMAX HE Plus) that's been in the house for 3 years since new. Never been serviced. Now it won't come on and stay on. When resetting it fires up fully then the flame goes out within 1 second. Tries this 5 times then shuts down completely until reset is pressed again and it goes through the same motions again.

    Further to that, it is actually OCCASIONALLY coming on and staying on, but only until the living room is at the thermostat temperature (dial thingy in the living room), then it switches itself off again (correctly). But then it won't come back on again when needed. The missus is going mad as we can't dry any clothes as the dryers broke too lol.

    Anyway, recommended boiler guy has just been - as he walked in I told him what it's doing and straightaway he said "it's a dry joint on the PCB" and I'm looking at £200 (max) for a new board and £20 fitting (the fitting bit is cheap if that's all he'd be getting). Now I'd be happy enough to believe him if it wasn't for the fact that next door has the same boiler and had the exact same problem (I told him this but he just maintained that's what the problem is) - the first guy that saw theirs said the same thing but the second guy they asked said it was something to do with the ignition, replaced whatever part it was and it worked fine. Don't know how much it cost them atm but presumably wasn't £200 for a new board!?!
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    put potterton promax boilers in google,plenty of faults inc pcb or gas valve

    dont sound good

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    Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:36 pm Post Subject:

    Random lockouts are a common problem with this boiler although yours seems more consistant than some.

    Its often a difficult task for an engineer to deal with because it could be one of several causes and they include the PCB and gas valve which are both expensive parts.

    I usually suggest a fixed price repair by BG or the manufacturers as both can throw parts at it until they find the fault by trial and error rather than diagnostic deduction.


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