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  • HSV Perfomance Centre (TWG)

    Eighteen years ago, Holden and Tom Walkinshaw decided to collaborate to create a range of Performance and design-enhanced, Holden-based cars under the HSV marque, specifically for the Australian market.
    Over the years, a limited number of imported vehicles made their way into the UK, but in 2004, when Vauxhall UK decided to add the Monaro VXR to its client offering, the HSV name began to register within the minds of the UK public.
    During 2006 the Tom Walkinshaw Group will establish a Vauxhall-approved HSV Performance Centre, based in Milton Keynes, specifically to offer full service, tuning and bespoke upgrades to chassis, power and body for Monaro customers and LS1 and LS2 powered GM products.
    Due to the success of the Monaro project, HSV Performance Centre will in the future be working with Vauxhall VXR to import other specialist, low volume HSV models to the UK.
    The HSV Performance Centre is pleased to announce the Maloo R8 will be available in the UK from selected dealers in your region or direct from our facility in Milton Keynes. Check out our Press release in the News section for more information.
    Unless you’re able to spend a fortune, modern automobiles generally fall into one of two categories: they’re either designed to look and feel good aesthetically, with a secondary degree of performance added to the mix, or as an alternative, they’re built for out and out performance, with comfort, quality and accessories a distant after-thought.
    From the moment of conception, through final design, build and maintenance, HSV vehicles embody equality of status across form and function, without compromise, and with absolute performance.
    Muscle Family
    The intention is to allow consumers to access the HSV cars that they prefer. Whilst the Vauxhall Monaro has very quickly established itself in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, the full HSV offering includes something for everybody, from sports utility vehicles to luxury saloon cars, from mid-sized family cars and coupés to performance-focussed limousines. Each of these vehicles, regardless of shape or size enjoys commonalities of performance and design. This is no ordinary family, rather it’s a real muscle family.
    HSV Race Pedigree
    HSV-built cars have consistently challenged for on-track honours within the renowned Australian V8 Supercar championships, under the Holden Racing Team and HSV Dealer Team banners.
    Unlike other motor manufacturers, HSV do not outsource their competition operations, in realisation that nobody knows their cars, nor how to maximise their technical performance, better than they themselves.
    The technicians that will manage the service, tuning, and upgrades within the HSV Performance Centre have been trained alongside the Australian race engineers.
    Too few of the racing cars that grace the circuits of the world week-in, week-out bear any true resemblance to their “showroom equivalents”. That’s not how they do things in Australia though, and on the back of the multiple successes of the Holden Racing Team (HRT), the HSV brand has become synonymous with the very highest levels of road-based performance.
    The HSV Performance Centre will replicate the model of the Australian HSV operation, and is ready to transform individual cars in line with the specific preferences of their owners.
    With so much opportunity to improve already impressive performance statistics, the end result will be customer-driven.
    The HSV Performance Centre will also operate a dedicated V8 tuning centre, from where new and existing owners of HSV and Holden branded vehicles, as well as other V8-powered General Motors products will be able to have their vehicles serviced by fully-qualified, specialist technicians.
    A range of aftermarket accessories and components will soon be available, enabling owners to upgrade certain elements of their vehicles.
    HSV has created a diverse inventory of aftermarket upgrades across the entire HSV road-car range, from general aesthetics through to fully-modified, track-day-ready vehicles. Now, these components will soon be available in the UK.
    The range of available upgrades is almost limitless, and includes:
    • Engine
    • Supercharger
    • Exhaust
    • Brakes
    • Transmission
    • Differential
    • Suspension
    • Seats
    • Wheels
    The iconic HSV-branded range of merchandise will also be available from the HSV Performance Centre.
    Specially-trained HSV technicians will provide a regular service facility to cater for GM V8-engined vehicles as part of a customer care focussed programme, ensuring that HSV, Holden and Monaro owners enjoy the level of technical support that HSV owners in Australia have come to expect.