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FRS RR Day, anyone?

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  • FRS RR Day, anyone?

    Hi guy`s,
    Getting together a group of us FRS lads for a rolling road day and have been on a few forums to maybe get a few different cars to come along and make the day more eventful! Looking at an Evo, ATR, DC5/DC2 and on here (preferably modded but if not doesn`t matter) to see if anyone fancied a RR day with a difference and a friendly day out, oh and of course about 10 FRS`s!
    Venue is Motor-Tec in Birmingham on 22nd July at a cost of £20, so come on you Astra VXR`s, who fancies it?

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    Come on guy`s, got a good mixture coming and have it booked. Show off your VXR and have a good noesy round some other quality motors, will be a great day! :wink:


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      problem might be mate we have a huge VXR meet (120 cars) at Donington the following weekend


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        That`s fair enough but there must be someone not going to this that fancies putting their motor on the RR and having a good day with some other class hot hatches?
        Would be nice to see the VXR in the party! :wink:


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          also try
          there is a astra VXR section with a lot of VXR owners


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              Right you lot, time to post up what`s coming on the day,
              so here is the list:

              Focus RS - 8

              Focus ST - 3

              Integra Type R - 1

              Leon Cupra R - 3

              Renault Megane 225 - 1

              Astra VXR - 2

              Escort Cosworth - 1

              Mitsubishi Evo - 1

              Subaru - 1

              Noble M12 GTO 3R - 1

              This list will change I`m sure, by the time this comes round but as you`ll all agree, it should make for a great day`s viewing and plenty to chat about! Will keep this list updated! :wink:

              More for your viewing Alan! :wink:


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                This is now full!


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                  I assume there is no reason why some bods could'nt come along to view etc?


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                    No reason at all mate, by all means pop along! :wink:


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                      Right, no VXR`s in the end but here you go anyway:

                      Mostly happy people and some not so happy but people should realise it was 92 degrees in there today so this does really need to be taken into consideration, so here we go with the results but before that.......


                      Focus RS

                      RS George: 282.2 BHP - 369.5Nm Full Powerflow+Decat, BF, K&N Induction Kit, Manifold & Chargecooler. (271lb/ft)
                      DaveP: 273.7 BHP - 327.9Nm Collins Chip, Full Mongoose+Decat, K&N Induction Kit & Manifold. (243lb/ft)
                      DemonPete: 268.0 BHP - 379.2Nm BF & Full Milltek+Decat. (281lb/ft)
                      Shins: 253.4 BHP - 368.5Nm BF, Full Milltek+Decat, K&N Induction Kit & Chargecooler. (273lb/ft)
                      Phil: 237.3 BHP - 334.9Nm BF, Manifold, GGR Induction Kit & Chargecooler. (248lb/ft)
                      Holmez: 218.6 BHP - 341.2Nm Mongoose Exhaust. (253lb/ft)
                      RS Steve: 216.9 BHP - 361.4Nm K&N Induction Kit. (268lb/ft)

                      Seat Leon Cupra R

                      Ben CTR: 272.3 BHP - 289.6Nm Revo Stage 1. (215lb/ft)
                      Empi5: 252.9 BHP - 327.7Nm Revo Stage 2, Front Mounted Intercooler & Blueflame Exhaust+Decat. (243lb/ft)
                      JetSetJimbo: 216.6 BHP - 262.1Nm TIP & Green Panel Filter. (194lb/ft)
                      BHP Addict: 202.7 BHP - 270.9Nm Front Mounted Intercooler, |Viper Induction Kit & Forge Re-Circ. (201lb/ft)

                      Focus ST

                      Cafeman: 257.9 BHP - 352.8Nm ST2 Radtech, Piper Exhaust, Level 2 BF & GGR Indeuction Kit. (262lb/ft)
                      Lewis ST: 255.5 BHP - 326.1Nm ST1 Pumabuild 3 Map, Radtech & Front Mounted Intercooler. (242lb/ft)
                      STMike: 248.5 BHP - 369.5Nm ST2 Radtech, Powerflow Exhaust & BF Level 2. (274lb/ft)

                      Integra Type R

                      GazITR: 173.7 BHP - 174.6Nm Standard. (130lb/ft)

                      Renault Megane RS225 + Cup

                      Rightfootplanted: 243.5 BHP - 302.2Nm Standard. (224lb/ft)

                      Mitsubishi Evo VIII

                      Jav: 331 BHP - 386.3Nm APS Exhaust & Filter. (286lb/ft)

                      Noble M12 GTO 3R

                      Sumo: 333.0 BHP - 423.7Nm Standard. (314lb/ft)

                      Escort Cosworth

                      Steve: 324.1 BHP - 451.2Nm (334lb/ft) Full Mongoose, ND Chip, Green Injectors & K&N Cone Filter.

                      Subaru RB5

                      Edwards: 229.0 BHP - 290.0Nm (215lb/ft) Full Cobra Exhaust+Decat & STi Ecu

                      That`s it folks, enjoy and got some ice, snow and blizzards ordered for the next one , hope there will be some VXR representitives next time! :wink:


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                        Apologies for not getting along to view. Figures looked exciting for the cars. Interesting are the differences on diffrent stages of tune for the same vehicle. Think it shows how different tuners rate their stages.

                        Let us know when you arrange another and when we set-up one hope some of you guys can come along.


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                          No probs mate and cheers for comments, will defo be doing another nearer Christmas, so will post up ok! :wink: