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Vauxhall VXR website

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  • Vauxhall VXR website

    For those who have not seen the Vauxhall VXR website check out the link below.Excellent website by Vauxhall.

    Love some of the bits on it, allot of time spent on it.

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    Wow....looks nice.... have to have a serious play sometime soon

    Well done chaps/chapesses


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      Bloomin excellent.

      Someone at Vauxhall may want to look at the Meriva section, it was running very slowly.


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        Would love to watch any of it. After intro it starts to download content and just hangs at 75% is it just me or server issue ??
        Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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          Originally posted by Catherine
          Someone at Vauxhall may want to look at the Meriva section, it was running very slowly.
          Awww...don't say that too loudly, you might upset it. I'm sure it knows it's the slowest of the bunch but hey it's 'a cheeky little devil - with nerves of steel, iron in the soul and enough hellfire in its 180PS engine to launch you to 60mph in 7.9 seconds. Fast, fun and practical to boot.'

          As regards the new site, WOW!

          When I first saw the Focus ST site, I thought wow. So much better than the VXR site. However, as with the car, VXR sails past! What a site to promote the VXR brand.

          Some great vids on there! One thing I do know for sure, I am so so glad that web site wasn't up before I got the car. With all that eye candy it would have made the wait even worse!

          The only thing I don't like is the way the text is spaced out and you have to scroll. Seems pointless.

          The non-flash version doesn't look as stunning as the flash version, it should be. Also there is an error in the Vectra pics download, the Javascript for pic 3 is wrong and you get pic 2! Hopefully Stu can send this (and any other feedback) back to the webmasters?

          The other thing I noticed was that the '360' links for each vehicle are not actually 360s but 720s!!

          Top job VXL!