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Top Spec VXR Astra

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  • Top Spec VXR Astra

    I know that things are done to a budget but i would have liked a bit more for my money.

    Here are a few things i would have liked to have on the car if i had known that i could have had them.

    Electro folding Mirrors,
    Auto Chromic Rear veiw Mirror,
    Colour Screan, (for CDC40)
    Veriable Speed Intermitant Wipe,
    Start Button, (not the fancy key just the button)
    Tinted Rear Glass,
    Head Light's Delay, (when locking and Unlocking)
    Oil Level Sensor, (hand book says NOT Z20LEH)
    Tire Deflation Sensors,
    Kurb Lights, (on the doors when open)
    All Wheel Drive,

    Saying that i'm over the moon with the car, Stuart and Dougie have done a great job.

    Bet some of these will end up on the cars.

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    Re: Top Spec VXR Astra

    Originally posted by alex_c
    Veriable Speed Intermitant Wipe,
    Head Light's Delay, (when locking and Unlocking)
    You have both of these already!! Check the manual - it's the thing in the glove box that looks like a book!! I've done almost 13k in mine now and I've still not read the whole book, never will!

    As for the oil level, I think a message will be displayed if it's low.

    Originally posted by alex_c
    Saying that i'm over the moon with the car, Stuart and Dougie have done a great job.
    Yep, it's a wonderful car. :wink:


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      on the Vec i have a switch that speeds up the intermitand speed of the wipers i dont have this on the VXR.

      As for the others i'll have to read the book again.

      Oh one more thing i saw a pic of Courtenays VXR with the AP brake kit, and it has wheel arch liners but mine does not. does any one else have these or is it some thing i can get from the dealers?


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        I know you wanted more for your money but you can easy get the colour retro fitted. I would have like a chromatic mirror in the Vectra, seem very strange it didn't come with it.

        At one point I didn't even think the Vectra was coming with cruise but i think Stuart and Dougie stepped in to ensure it did.


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          Yep I agree all the options you have listed would be great but would end up being a £30,000 car.
          For Model Year 07 ( Factory Order now )
          Sight and Light Pack ( Electrochromatic mirror, Auto Lights, rainsensors) and Keyless Entry ( Starter Button ) has been added to the Option line up..

          By the way who has the most kit on their cars????


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            Thanks for your responce Dougie.

            I have
            CDC 40
            cruise (i payed for it not free)
            climate (i payed for it not free)

            Was going to have AFL but its another £750 and the parking sensors again another £350 would have liked the sat nat but @ £1250 a tomtom does the same thing just better at £300


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              Last night on the way home from work i need to wash the windscreen but the was no water in the bottle as the MRS had used it all.

              WHY dont there have the sensors on like the older ones did now i know it would not have cost that much.

              Does the check system tell you that you have a blown bulb, as the latest one dont as you to do a brake light check????

              Come on VAUXHALL its not rocket science to keep these thing in place and they dont cost that much or are you becoming like FORD and you have to pay for everything???


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                Agree it was a bit of a shock when I saw the Astra vxr spec when it first launched that so many toys that had been on it's predecessor the GSI had come off the options list, and some new toys available on other mk5 Astra’s, you couldn't have on the range topping vxr!

                But now they have realised the error of their ways for MY07 (and on zaf 2)....just a pity about the tiny boot size now! :?

                "i think i have fallen in love....with a VAUXHALL!!!" - J.Clarkson (about time)