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  • Car insurance

    Hey guys im taking my car off the road as of today and making it sorn, I just wondered with it been in the garage and sorn what would I do with insurance, I know it needs to be insured but would i let them know with regards to what's happening as it's not been used for a minimum of 3 months

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    Its always a grey area

    If its in a garage and the garage burns down your cars not covered with no insurance.

    If you can afford it get it insured is the best bet


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      Yeah that's what i was thinking, somewhere down that line, I dont mind leavingthe insurance on at all cos it's only £61 a month meaning I still get my no claims in 3 months time when it's due again

      I was just talking about it with my mam when she mentioned to look into it


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        I had a SORN car for about 5-6 years (old Mk2 GTE 16 Turbo) and it sat in my garage for 6 years with no insurance and i had no problems

        I am not sure with No claims bonuses though, if you dont renew them at time of asking your no claims only last for XXX months, that could have changed but i am sure you need to carry on paying it to claim no claims ?