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ESP Traction light

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  • ESP Traction light

    quick question to the technical amongst us and before anyone says it im asking here as most are helpful regardless of marque. if you feel the need to comment in a snide way dont bother its boring.

    anyway, traction light came on for no reason whilst cruising at 60ish, pressing esp button and wont turn off or light up on the actual button???? also now got no idea wether tc is now on or off. and when pulled up the tyre pressure set wouldnt set either.

    turbed car off an d lights off and pressure sets but no lights or clue if tc on or off???

    any ideas???

    thanks for any suggestions to what it is.

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    It's a Ford?

    Sorry, snide comment done now - sounds like you have some sensor going mental.
    You can easily test if TC is on - spin the wheels, if it doesn't reign in the power then TC isn't working?



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      dont mind it from you Ian as i know your joking lol

      Well took it in and service was utterly faultless, in sorted even had a new update map thrown on for good measure, few other niggles sorted i didnt even realise about and car is now perfect. All in the time they stated and all under warranty.

      One happy chappy again!


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        Anothing thing certainly on Vauxhalls is MAF related faults can cause TC to be disabled.

        Independent bespoke mapping available see my Facebook or find me at WG Motorworks

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