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So bloody annoying!!!!!!!

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  • So bloody annoying!!!!!!!

    Im currently in the process of selling my home, I had a buyer for it within a week so great!!!!! Everything was going great until around a month ago when the buyers received the mortgage offer it had the wrong amount on it sooo it had to be sent back. Ive been waiting for well over a month for this to happen I keep phoning the estate agent and they keep saying they should receive it in the next few days and it nether turns up I just need this to happen and then I can exchange contracts and look for a new place and move on with my life!!!! I want to rent for a while till I sort things out, keep seeing places I like but I can't go for them till I've exchanged!!!!! I phoned the estate agent yesterday and they told me the broker needs to confirm the percentage price (I'm shared ownership) so I won't know anything till next week now this just seems to be dragging on all the time getting ****** of now. Last year I had a **** year had to sell my burg split up from the ex which wasn't a bad thing I just wanna move on. They say the whole process of selling a house is 6 to 8 weeks but I've been waiting well over 3 months sorry for the long thread but it's so bloody annoying that's all

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