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  • Help Advice!!

    Hi guys i dont know if anyone could help me if they are in the Know!

    1st glad to say me and my other half are expecting in Jan which im over the moon.

    Right to get to the point, my other half is a Carer for a Care Home she told her work she was pregnant so they did a risk assement on her and that came out that she wasnt allowed to do lifting or stretching to drag along beds. so the past couple of weeks she has been doing baths & dinners.

    Now the manager has done a self assement without my other half there and she has turned round and said you come to work and do nothing, so from now on she can do the lifting and stetching or she Wont get paid, she has excluded one person out that she carnt deal with cause she punches etc...

    My misses has been in tears all day at work n finally told me about this. to say the least im ****ing FUMING!!! ive asked to get a copy of both assements, and i wanna go to Citezens Advice about it. To be fair this manager is a joke at her work place and ive heard horror stories about her, ive for one had enough of it and this was the last straw, would this be a Sue-able offence threating her like this?

    Sorry for a long reply im so angry!!!

    Corsa Has Left The Building

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    Mrs henke is a RGN in a care home and i've heard many similar storys. The trouble is that carers, nurses etc are very rarely union members. And as such get walked all over by cretins masquerading as "management".

    My advice is join a union and get them fighting on here behalf. I'd bet the aforementioned managers anus drops out when their set straight by somebody who's actually trained in workplace legality.


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      That manager needs a kicking if you ask me...
      How high up is she (manager) is there a HR route that by-passes her?
      As above a union on your side would be great, but not many of them will touch a case for at least X time with them. Worth a try though!
      Failing that accidents happen... (aimed at manager, not Mrs!)

      On a plus note, congrats!
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