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help in choosing a couple of new cars please

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  • help in choosing a couple of new cars please

    as above really i need another car and so does the mrs, toying with the idea of selling the vxr, but for the min lets say she both has 6k and i have up to 8k

    i have no problems with insurance as old man lol

    partner has 3years ncb and is 23

    she likes the clio 197 fiesta st

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    Do you really need 2 or could both funds be added to say buy a £14k car?
    Arden Blue Astra , 19's, Bluetooth, Full Leather, Stage 2 Ready
    Wanted: 18" Black Wheels, maybe an FMIC and Stage 2


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      good point we have been here discussing options i start a new job soon but wont need a car for first 6 months...if we are totall honest the vxr is costing a fortune to keep, well i do because i pay most of the bills etc, so after heated discussions now...(women)! decided to sell up the vxr and get a car between us for say 8k

      renault megane 225 f1
      bmw 330
      renault clio 197

      not really sure what else tbh


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        golf ed 30


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          would be nice for 8-9k women get a taste of a 08 plate car and want to stick to it lol even though we have just brought a new it because im old i can reason/sacrifice lol

          megane 225?
          focus rs mk1


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            we have come to a agreement now she is going to take over car pet and house insurance so free up some of my income...vxr is staying happy days!!!


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              Good decision


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                i think so even though this mornig she is still looking at clios lol


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                  Mk1 Mazda 3 mps
                  Burg #332 - 270 bhp - gone
                  Mazda 3 MPS - 490 bhp - gone
                  Audi S4 - MRC stage 2/490 far


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                    she is looking lol i hate going to be after making a desicion then you wake up and the mrs says....what about this one...we can be another 80 p/m better off