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  • Shell V-Power

    Worth a read ....

    Shell V-Power Club
    A club that not only shares and understands your passion for driving - it rewards you for it.

    The Shell V-Power Club is the premium tier of our pluspoints scheme and works just like it - fill up and collect points. It offers exclusive rewards and extra bonus points for Shell V-Power purchases as standard.

    Membership to the V-Power Club is by invitation only. You qualify for the V-Power Club if you purchase 150 litres of Shell V-Power fuel, plus another 150 litres of any other fuel within a quarter.

    Some of the benefits you can expect as a V-Power Club member include:

    • If you buy Shell V-Power you’ll earn an extra point per litre on every litre
    • A threshold of 300 litres per quarter (compared to 400 litres for pluspoints members)
    • You’ll earn 1.5 points per litre once you have reached 300 litres that quarter, meaning you could earn up to 2.5 points per litre if all your fuel is
    Shell V-Power
    • A range of exclusive gifts chosen especially for V-Power Club members
    • The chance to experience what driving is all about: Ferrari Pilota Days, Ferrari factory tours, privileged access to behind-the-scenes information are all part
    of what the club has to offer

    Performance - Shell V-Power fuel has an Octane Rating of 99 RON

    Shell V-Power is the new and improved performance fuel available from Shell in the UK. Building on the highly successful Shell Optimax formulation, it is designed to provide even higher levels of performance and bring drivers further enhancements in responsiveness for modern vehicles.

    Shell V-Power has an octane rating of 99 RON and is designed to provide more power and responsiveness in many modern cars. Performance benefits can be obtained with higher-octane fuels in many vehicles fitted with knock sensors, by avoiding the need for the engine management system to de-tune the engine when knock occurs.

    Responsiveness – Shell V-Power contains Shell’s unique FMT (Friction Modification Technology). This is the same FMT that is used by Formula 1 Ferrari in their 2006 Racing fuels.

    Shell V-Power captures the technology of Ferrari Formula 1 fuel in a road fuel. It is born out of our experience of track winning performances that have become legendary in the world of motor racing.

    The development of Shell fuels directly benefits from the day-to-day technical partnership Shell scientists share with the engineers and technicians of the Ferrari team. The relationship gives Shell scientists a unique understanding of engine performance in the highly stressed environment of motor racing.

    Shell V-Power contains Shell's unique FMT (Friction Modification Technology). This is the same FMT that is used by Formula 1 Ferrari in their 2006 Racing fuels.

    It is designed to actively reduce friction by introducing a surface-coating component to help protect critical engine parts. This helps to unlock valuable energy and is designed to give improved performance right from the first tank full.

    Protection – Shell V-Power fuel contains a powerful cleaning formula designed to improve engine responsiveness.

    Lessons learnt in Formula One build a deep understanding that enables Shell to transfer the latest fuel technology to road-going products

    Shell V-Power is designed to deliver enhanced cleaning power to help prevent power-robbing deposits forming on valves and injection systems. In addition, it is designed to clean-up existing deposits to help improve engine responsiveness. Shell V-Power can help keep a new car performing like new for longer and help
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008

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    So can some one explain how you get invited then? I always used optimax and now V-power on both the Zafira and Vectra.


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      Sounds like you have not register your card correctly .. I now have a V-Power card, it arrived today, try call 08459 006 008 or
      2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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        What happens is you automaticly get upgraded like when you when from pluspoints to optimax points.

        My card arrived about a week ago.


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          EXTRA SHELL points

          Thanks to the winning combination of Shell and Ferrari, Michael Schumacher stormed to 1st place at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

          Following his superb victory, Michael said, “We must thank our partners, first of all Shell who supplied us with a new fuel since Imola GP in 2006”.

          Celebrate with extra pluspoints
          Now, to celebrate Schumacher’s victory, we’re giving you the chance to earn an extra pluspoint for every litre of Shell V-Power purchased throughout September 2006. Therefore, for every litre of V-Power fuel purchased below the quarterly 300 litre threshold, you will earn 2 points per litre; and for every V-Power litre purchased above the quarterly 300 litre threshold, you will earn 3.5 points per litre.
          2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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            Sorry do you work for Shell?


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              No, I don't, but I do like the BP 102
              2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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                You might find this interesting:



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                  Originally posted by Thorney
                  I read with interest your artical on fuel, bit obvious but good. You advertise the Zafira VXR with the re-maps and the Miltek. So anyway of throwing up some pictures of the Zafira Miltek exhaust as I have not seen one yet and be interested to see what they have done. Thanks