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Ford SVT????

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  • Ford SVT????

    Has anyone come across the SVT badge on Ford cars here in the UK?

    Ive come across on a couple of occassions a really good looking 06 Mondeo in Black with shall we say isnt standard.

    I managed to get a good look at it the other day and it was wearing an SVT badge. I know SVT build things like the Shelby Mustang in the States but I didnt think they did anything in Europe.

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    I belive svt (special vehicle team) do a lot of hot fords in the states but also have some envolvment with european models. The mk2 mondeo st200 used svt tunning parts as standard to boost power up 35 bhp over the standard v6 models but i have not heard of new svt models.

    I suppose it could be the equivalent of us badging our vxr's as opel's


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      No me neither. Have to say it did look good and can be best described as eyecatching, which is not something you can normally say about a Mondeo.