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Spotted Draft 2

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  • Spotted Draft 2

    Ok i'm no grafic designer all i have done is a cut and paste with in the windows paint with some editing.

    So this is draft 2.

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    That looks good, think we need to add the url right at the bottom. I know its on the top as its not noticeable immediately.

    We would still need to chat with VXL though before getting anytting in place due to licences etc.


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      Looking good....

      Agree with sparky... full url required

      Don't think Vaux will have a problem with licencing the logo, after all, we are promoting the brand for them


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        ok here goes

        Draft 2 edit 1


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          Excellent looks good.

          if I may be as bold to say, how about, if you can, centre the bottom line and bolder/slightly larger text, what you think? Also add the words "and free" after new, so we can give the idea it will not cost to join and encouarge that way. We all like something free


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            Originally posted by Sparky
            Excellent looks good.

            ...centre the bottom line and bolder/slightly larger text...
            add the "http://" bit and stretch to full width of card (and a "Red" R)

            Also, might need to ensure enough space for spotter to write their name, looks a bit tight


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              so here goes this time.

              Draft 2 edit 2

              like i said before im no grafic designer but i like to dabble.

              Some one i know is going to say the front of the card is out of poportion this is because i had to stretch it a bit to make it all fit.


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                  was thinking of a business card size like a credit card but after a phone call and a discusion i think the sugestion of a post card size would probably be better as it would be easyer to see under the wiper ans there could be more infomation on the card as well.


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                    Good idea Alex. I like the design. Any thoughts from other forum members please.


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                      like it good idea alex im up for it.

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