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  • Hello

    Hi there folks,

    I've just registered so thought i'd introduce myself - my name is Alli funnily enough and I USED to be fairly heavily into modifyind cars (RS Turbo/Corsa Turbo/ ST205 GT4 to name a few) I currently own a CBR600 RR which im selling to move house in the near future

    I've registered here because.. well - i intend on buying either the Astra or Corsa VXR (depending on the final release date/spec) so thought id test your thoughts on the current crop of VXR models! (hope thats okay)

    anyway, take care - bye for now :wink:

    oh - just to leave you with a small pic of the bike:

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    Current thoughts from me are that the Astra VXR is excellent and you should book a test drive.

    The astra is not the most subtle of cars and has a ferocity about it that I have not seen in other cars of it's category. Some feel this too much and they don't like it, scared I guess, but once you driven it for a while you know how to tame it and soon becomes not only an incredibly fast hothatch, but a very nice cruiser as well. When driving it there is this strange feeling that you cannot help smiling all the time. Going round corners is a joy, and I find myself looking for excuses to go out in the car (even if it is just for a pint of milk from the shops 300m away - lol).

    Not sure of the exact release of the Corsa VXR, believe it to be next year. However if you try the Astra you'll probably end up buying one before the Corsa is released.


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      hi alli and welcome well as a new owner of 3 wks all i can say is alex is right the smile onn your face will never go away the car is a dream to own and me too cant stop driving it just for a thrill every day so glad i bought this car worth every penny good luck in ur choice but the astra is the 1
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        hehe, ive been 'ooohing and ahhhhhing' at the astra since it came out and I'm still not sure about the new corsa shape (doesnt look very aggressive) so im sure ill probably take an astra, im trying to gather alot of info though since ive been out of the car scene for too long,
        other cars im thinking of are : evo7/8/9, supra, S3, GTR, 350Z basically a mix of 'old' cars that ive lusted after as a kid and the new crop of techy rally reps,

        think ill need to book some test drives