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Hi - new member!

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  • Hi - new member!

    Hi all,

    Just registered after browsing the site a few times, I currently drive a Vectra 2.5 V6 GSi and am a member of a few other Vauxhall sites. Have owned a Cavalier V6 and a Volvo 850 T5 before my Vectra, not bad for a 21 year old!

    My goal is to get a VXR within the next 12-18 months! A long time to plan ahead I know but I badly, badly want one! Can’t afford one now but waiting for them to depreciate (sorry, I know that’s a dirty word). Anyway look forward to taking part in discussions etc!

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    Welcome to the site. Enjoy and do take part.


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      You will find this is an awesome site. Its the only official VXR site I know of and is contributed to by many people who work for vauxhall and all its tuners. Can't go wrong.


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        Welcome to the site mate, and a brill site at that


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          welcome its the nuts in here best site by far and you'll know everything there is to know about the vxr in here a truly wonderful beast
          stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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            Welcome to the site


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              Welcome on board...


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                hello (from another newbie)

                im looking at a VXR too, bit sooner than you though and will hopefully have made up my mind as to the car of choice (doing test drives at the moment) in the next couple of months - still havent decided wither or not a VXR is the car for me!!


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                  That's cool, what else are you considering?

                  I'm after a Vectra VXR myself but depends on what work decide to do with me, fingers crossed!


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                    Im thinking of a few... still havent made my mind up after some test drives (starting to get annoying now to be honest!!)
                    cars ive tried:
                    Evo 7/8 (expensive to maintain 4.5k service internvals! + run)
                    RX8 (bit boring now, fragile engine?)
                    350Z (2 seater... practicality)
                    supra RZ (hmmmm)

                    cars i havent tried:
                    Astra VXR!
                    Audi S3

                    because ill need to use it everyday (bout 14/15k a year with business miles) im reluctant to dive into an Evo (<20mpg)

                    hmmm decisions decisions!!

                    how bout yourself, have you decided that a VXR is defo for you?


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                      Hi both, welcome to the site. I was considering a Scoob, Evo or S3, but like you say, they are initially expensive (compared to the Astra) and the scoob and evo's running costs are a cause for concern. Hope you enjoy the test drive - good luck on your decisions!


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                        Pretty much decided I want the VXR Vectra although I've never driven one(!) I've had a couple of V6 Vauxhalls and the whole fast saloon thing is what I'm really into. I really like big cars, and its all down to getting bang for buck really, especially given the used value after a few years. Evos, Audis etc totally out of my territory, I was after a 3.2 GSi but when the VXR came out I decided to hang on for those to come down in price. I know if I drove one I'd love it.

                        I can understand why you’d want to avoid the Evo, a bit highly strung for a daily driver even if it is a saloon! My T5 used to do around 20-21mpg and that was painful even just using it for social use. I can’t really comment about the others as I’ve never driven them. But I should imagine the Audi S3 is a nice car, drove an RS6 once and that was mental.


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                          I've came from a Gsi to the VXR, in fact the wife still drives the Gsi.

                          They are so different, both are great, but the VXR is so much quicker.

                          Second hand ones can be seen now for around 17-18k, those have resonably mileage and almost no extra's at all.

                          good luck with the hunt.


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                            hi jim

                            i had the 2.5 gsi then the 3.2 gsi.....and i loved them...u could suprize a few folks
                            but vxr is something else...

                            my advise......get one soon..