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Spike - New type of average speed cam - PORTABLE !

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  • Spike - New type of average speed cam - PORTABLE !

    A new generation of speed cameras capable of calculating how fast a car has been travelling over any distance could be on the roads within months.

    The Spike system differs from both the Gatso cameras which flash cars as they go past and the costly Specs devices which are normally used to judge drivers' speed over a prolonged stretch of road.

    Specs (Speed Check Enforcement System) costs several hundred thousand pounds, which has deterred some safety camera partnerships.

    The alternative system, which has been submitted to the Home Office for approval, costs around £20,000. It is also portable, which would allow the cameras to be shifted to newly identified accident blackspots or road works. If approved, it could lead to the number of average speed safety camera systems soaring from the 14 in operation at present.

    The new camera has been produced by Pips Technology, of Eastleigh, Hants, which already supplies digital number plate recognition cameras to a number of police forces.

    Andrew Howard, the head of road safety at the AA Motoring Trust, said: "The great advantage with these cameras is that you can use them for long, nasty, curly stretches of road, rather than picking up motorists at odd points.

    "They are particularly good on single carriageway roads, where people tend to go too fast and drive into trees or become involved in overtaking accidents. So these cameras can cut down on a lot of this behaviour."

    The weakness of the average speed cameras was when a stretch of road was long enough for people to turn off, or join, at some point between the two cameras.

    Paul Smith, a campaigner against speed cameras, said: "Oh dear, at that sort of price, it will lead to a proliferation which will be horrifying.

    "This will lead to people looking at their speedometers every couple of seconds, rather than looking at the road.

    "It is the massively expensive cost of the Specs system that has stopped it being introduced more widely.
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    On another note i've heard that the police have been fighting the courts about them having to be "VISIBLE" and are currently not allowed to hide around a corner to get you. As of June 07 (i think) they will be able to hide again.