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my new toy (big pic)

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  • my new toy (big pic)

    after selling my CBR, I couldnt resist the bike bug any longer... put my deposit down on one of these

    its a gsxr750, has had a few mods by the previous owner (power commander etc) so hopefully it should keep me busy 'til the corsa VXR finally comes out. although, it seems 'her indoors' would prefer the size of the astra so im STILL unconvinced...


    oh - mods/admin can you please delete my "corsa at the 'ring" video... i just noticed there are two threads with the same content. Thank you!

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    nice bike alli but go out and get yourself A VXR my wife loves it and enough room for 2 kid's in the back and an adult
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      cant beat having two toys though looks wicked.
      anyone else got bikes heres mine


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        very nice mate - mines 'just' a 750 though, should be quick enough for me i think.

        Still dont know if a VXR is enough to be honest and I see folk talk about the sport button like its the hyperspeed button but I just cant see it to be honest... infact - id imagine my old LET corsa being quicker! (sorry if I offend anyone)
        also I've been looking at supra's again and everytime I see one I fall in love again... 3litre twin turbo is a bit overkill for the commute to work everyday.. fun though!