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  • Charity

    These are a couple of ideas i have had for a while now.

    Idea 1: How about a charity convoy. The idea:

    Start off from Land's End to travel to John O Groats to raise money for charity. The participants would turn up to lets say other events being held in the country on route to John O Groats to raise money. No racing or any fooling around just a clean legal convoy and a bit of fun.

    Idea 2: Travel around the coast of the UK. (For charity) (<< My prefered choice)

    I have been thinking of these for a really long time now but i do not have the nkowledge or experience to look into it further. If enough people show interest then maybe we could approach a charity to organise it for us and we just to the hard bit. Well say hard bit we would be driving our lovely cars for a good cause.

    What do ya all say?

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    good ideas but i feel floored.

    I as many dont want to put too many miles on the car as its a second car for the summer and weekends.

    I cant speak for every one but hey no harm in asking.

    Keep the ideas coming.


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      like the idea , but would need a lot of planning and in summer of course with hotels on route cos i wouldnt live out of a tent not bothered about the mileage thing though a cars there for driving as far as im concerned
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        Good idea Jon, but could you imagine the cost of fuel alone. I could imagine some of the responses you might get aswell whilst asking for sponsorship.
        "F**k Off i aint paying for you to go on a uk cruise"


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          Like idea.You'd be surprised what people will sponsor - think of all those that go on holiday to peru mountain climbing with others footing the bill and all in the name of charity.


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            Well it is for charity and i would not expect people to pay for fuel i'm willing to pay for it all myself. If we were to be sponsored i would go to people like Tom Tom to provide GPS units and stickers to promote them. Charity stickers on the car to show who you are doing it for and hotels to put us up for the night. The initial idea was to have loads of cars involved to make it as big as possible but i think far less than what i thought of at first would have the same impact.


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              Jon, the original idea has merit and don't be disheartened think people were just mentioning legitmate thoughts. If we were to do such an idea it would need alot of planning and orgnisation and that is the real downside. Someone has to be willing to spend, what will be a considerable amount of time, organising/liasing with various groups/sponsers about how it would work and what the concessions/expenses would be covered.

              Bset thing to do is approach a few charities/companies with the idea and see what the respones/feel is. Based on that it could maybe be taken forward.

              Feel free to PM me and maybe have a chat...