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  • Car park warning

    I thought I would mention this. About a year ago I was due to leave my car in a secure car park at the docks ( wont mention the one). Part of the parking requirement was for me to leave my car keys.

    Hmmm I thought, and for some reason I called the insurance company to check that whilst it was in the car park it would be covered for theft. Well they said, yes it will be but only if you are in possession of your car keys!!!

    So what if I hand my keys to the parking company? Well they said ,you need to check they are covered for the theft of your car , because as you have handed your keys willing over, we will not cover it.

    So I called the company and their only reply was, " We have never had one stolen", well that scomforting, so you are not covered for theft, "we have never hsad one stolen"

    So I am not saying this is the norm by any means but if you hand over your keys willingly, check you are covered either by the insurance company or the parking company.

    Just a little warning!!!!!

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      there was a program on tv not long ago about this and the company was using peoples cars while they where away so sod that keep hold of em then it cant be moved
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        Dont leave any one with my keys i dont know.

        A good mate has the spare keys to both of my cars and i have the spare to his.

        When the car goes in for a service i like to go into the work shop and se what they are doing just to make sure every thing is ok.


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          Yup, watchdog did a program on airport parking which was eyeopening. Basically, and it was mostly concerned with heathrow, you could pay a company for secure parking and if you gave them the keys they would quite often move the car to an unsecured carpark outside the area (sometimes 20-30 miles away) whist you were away. Additionally the cars were parked so close together it was common for doors to be 'dinged' against other cars.

          Although the program related to Heathrow I can quite believe this is common across most major/busy airports.

          Like Alex_C, no matter where I am going, or for how long, I always retain my car key/s, if anyone asked for them I would take my car elsewhere.