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    Yes my name says it all. Been in the job 6 years now, work in London.

    Used to have a Corsa SXi until I got my beast on Oct 27 2006. Blue, 19'S, AFL, Keyless, Electric Folding Mirrors. Been on the forum since mid 2006.

    Love the car and enjoy the fact it is a handful. Looking forward to owning a rare sought after beauty for a good few years until he kids come along.

    Now it's your turn - who are you?

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    i,m chris or worsy as my mates call me also been on here since middle of this year , now have a stage 3 vxr and wow what a difference used to live in leigh lancs now stevenage for the last 8 yrs own my own business have 3 kids up north and 2 step kids here and another little girl due in march , 43 yr old and 6'2 tall and a massive man utd fan , recently bought out my business partner and now pushing on to retire early and spend some more cash on my beast .
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      I'm Wayne AKA Moschops, 40 in the new year...PAH!!!

      Been registered here since July.

      Live in Telford, Shropshire, originally from Taunton, Somerset but have moved around the country, mainly Wiltshire and Oxfordshire due to my one time service in the RAF.

      Currently working as a Technical Computer Operator for a leading energy supplier in the West Midlands. Been here 6 years, prior to that worked for National Power based in Swindon.

      Also help set up the Swindon Branch of the RS Owners Club with fellow enthusiast John.

      Married to Sonia, no children...but 3 cars...soon to be a proud owner of a Vectra VXR.


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        Benn a member on here since 29/06/06 i got mt Astra on 24/06/06.

        i post loads on here.

        i'm a Train driver based @ Cambridge been doing that for the last 4 years.
        On leaving school i went to college and trained as an AUDI/VW Tech. Have worked for a VXL but they closed down.


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          hi guys james here 29 ayr in scotland. only had car 5wks so no mods yet still running her in wel i should say my wife 2 be is as i only drive the astra at wkends when it needs washed hehehe. ave always had vx won best show cars with my 20.16v corsa and my calibra turbo also mag feature. i am a tech for merc worked on them 13yrs.


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            Im Sharon obviously or (Shaz,Shazza).
            Not 40 yet but there soon,Married with 1 daughter aged 6yrs & 2 cats.
            I've lived in Nottingham since I was 16,originally from Paisley Scotland still got the accent well slighty.
            I used to drive an Red Astra CDTI got my blue VXR in May 06 and I absolutely love it (more so now its remapped).
            Some of you may know me of other forums but Im a newbie on here.

            Shazza :wink:


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              Hi chaps and laydees....

              Been on here a while...

              40 in march so car ordered for march 1st as a pressie for moi....

              Into detailing and general motorsport.

              Used to help run 205gti club of great britain back in early 90,s and had new 1.6 and one of the first 1.9,s in the country..
              1.9 entered at peugeot concours at silverstone in 92 and silverware picked up so cup sitting proudly in garage to this day....

              Dont do the marriage thing but have partner of 11 years and 8 year old son.....

              Enjoy mountain biking and currently downhill scott nitrous ....

              Also spend about 30 hours per week online playing clan farcry and am being submitted for german and dutch top 10 clans as am now world ranked around the 800 mark out of 168,000 players...

              Cant wait to get the car and has been a long journey getting there but i know from your posts it will be worth the wait..
              The car will be garaged for the first 2 to 3 days before i drive it to give it a complete detailing and hope the paint is thicker than 150-170 microns as i read somewhere...This stone chipping issue is worrying me!!!

              I also love my dog keef but am willing to trade him in for a pot of zymol Destiny which is £486 a pot which i want on the car at beginning when i do full detail,,,,any offers?

              He is currently on ebay so may be withdrawn from sale at any time..

              Looking forward to meeting you guys and girls at some btcc and local meets next year and thanx for putting a smile on my face most evenings!!!!


              Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail