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  • New Year drink

    Well, who's up for a New Year drink. I propose that we could all get together on a Saturday evening for a drink, chat and perhaps some grub. You never know we may be able to entice the VXL folks down for a couple of orange juices.

    The thoughts are:

    The Brache public house , Osborne Road, Luton.

    This is basically the pub opposite Griffin house (VXL HQ). There is a Travel Inn on site so anyone looking to stay over can do.

    We would need to look at dates during mid-Jan to mid Feb.

    I will start the ball rolling for: 13th Jan 2007.

    This was a usual event for the Vauxhall Sports car club , but can't see it being run this year, so would like to keep the tradition going (happy to be corrected).

    If you put your name down with your prefered date then if another date looks better with more attending we can change it.

    So an event to start off 2007, as we move towards the show and event season. Everyone is invited.