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400BHP Alfa Romeo

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  • 400BHP Alfa Romeo

    For anyone interested in the 147 GTA 3.7 on the Top Gear board I can tell you about it. My old best mate, an arrogant guy who is supplied with endless amounts of money by his rich parents took a new 147 GTA he bought in 03 to a company, which was then called Forza Tuning near white city in West London. It is now called Autodelta.

    I had no idea at the time of the fame of this guy, Jano, who runs Autodelta, and how he could reconstruct engines, or the history he had with Alfa Romeo. This guy transformed my mates 250 3.2 V6 into a 3.7 running 328BHP. They transformed the car, limited slip diffs, chassis you name it.

    Later on and after its appearance on top gear (see the site for the video) they fitteda Supercharger and it no runs at 400BHP.

    This is a front wheel drive car. I believe he still owns it, we crossed paths on the road about a year ago and exchanged hello's but that was it.

    TO SEE THE TOP GEAR VID GO INTO THE SITE, ENTER IT, GOTO HISTORY, GOTO 147 GTA AM and then on the right of the red car pic select WATCH FILM. If you look at the site you will see its development to supercharger.

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