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11th Feb Detailing day in Leeds (All for charity)

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  • 11th Feb Detailing day in Leeds (All for charity)

    I must say thanks to Aussie for making me aware of this.

    Basically a guy called Steve is trying to raise money for a friend.
    He has arranged for the UK's best detailers to participate.
    There are a range of different clubs attending from BMW to Celica. I've heard they do good sausage roles too.
    Anyone can attend and after throwing some emails to Steve the arranger, my car will be one of the demo's for the day. You ask the questions, they give the answers. The main rectification I've asked for is the de-swirling of my car. There are 4 demos in total so a range of different techniques can be expected.
    Products will be on sale from clean and shiny (Johnny 'O) + more.
    Don’t forget, the money goes to a worthy course, even the money I’ve paid for the detail.

    The following links provide allot more info.

    Would be a good get together for vxr-online and perhaps a warm up before brands hatch

    So who’s down for a trip to Leeds?

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    Already posted in the detailing section

    Please keep replies to the detailing section as I need to know numbers. Thanks