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Best place to sell a car?

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  • Best place to sell a car?

    With buying my first house and a change of job leading to a longer commute, after 4 years of ownership I'm very sad to say that I think it is time to sell the GTC VXR and move on to something more sensible .

    I've been looking at part ex deals and its ridiculous how little they offer, so I was thinking of selling private. My only worry is having joy riders or tyre kickers or worse coming to view the car, so has anyone any recommendations or advice when it comes to selling and where I should advertise for more genuine, serious potential buyers?

    Have heard many horror stories when it comes to selling cars, my previous cars I have part Ex'ed, so I'm a newbie when it come to selling.

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    Last 2 cars I've tried to sell have been death [emoji85]

    I put them on eBay, gumtree, autotrader, and piston heads. No one ever turns up and the ones that do just do your head in.

    When I was selling my S3 I kept getting stupid offers. In the end VW gave me a price of 7.5k for it against my Golf R which was a fair price I thought. So my advert for the S3 had a week left on it so I said 7750 no offers otherwise it's getting traded in, in 7 days. So 1 clown offered me 7k and when I said no and what I was offered at vw he got moody with me and said I was lying.

    I trolled him on the Audi forum afterwards for bit lol

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      Well he did ask for it to be fair [emoji23] If it all goes belly up then I'll just have to try and negotiate the best deaI i can at a dealers but it's worth a try private selling first I think [emoji854]

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        What I couldn't believe was a week after I sold the S3 he was asking this other member about a TTRS for sale at 15k. I said hang mate a week ago you didn't have 8k for an old S3. What you win the lottery or something? Stop wasting peoples time