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Am I / My car cursed!?

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  • Am I / My car cursed!?

    So in the last 10 days I have had a "friend" run up my bonnet and roof, a red light camera flash me while they light was on green, poped my tyre on spike stripes and tonight...

    Had my car reversed in to!

    Yes, was out with some mates when one of the girls asks someone to teach them to drive. Was on a private carpark so not much halm... Or we thought.

    My car was parked a good 40 yards away.

    mate "thank god your car is blocking mine"
    me: "Haha I should move it shouldn't I? "
    mate: "Yes, Mandee's about to drive"
    me: "It's miles away, it'll be fine"

    So mandee jumps in the car, selects reverse. Lifts the clutch a little slowly rolling back, then all of a sudden flys back, some people shout break, others press teh clutch, one guy jumps behind to try and push against the car.

    Somehow Mandee managed to fly 40 yars backwards, turn 45 degrees and smack into my front bumper!

    Luckily there is no isible damage bar a small scratch. Good job it's going to chips away on Saturday.

    Is there anything lurking behind the bumper that could of been damaged? It was the offside under the light that was hit.

    I am actually considering selling the car now as It's just not my luck

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    Car not cursed but sounds like you need to stop hanging about where these stupid things keep happening namely car park cruises!



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      It wasn't really a cruise though. Just 4 of us standing around while my mate fixed his car as it was pissing out water. It's just my luck