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Bluetooth and Phonebook display?

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  • Bluetooth and Phonebook display?

    Hi all

    I'm having issues with getting the phonebook to display from my Nokia N95 onto the bluetooth display, I Have tried several times and nothing shows up. I am starting to think that this must be a setting on my phone which is blocking the list from showing up, I am however able to make calls but only by entering the number manually which is bit of an effort sometimes.

    I am just wondering if anybody has any tips please?

    Cheers Jimbo

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    if you figure this out let me know please cause i have been trying for ages and i think they are just not compatible although the older nokias are


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      I started a thread on this a few weeks ago, the Bluetooth on the VX system is V1.5 & on the N95 V2.0, in fact all latest smart phones are V2.0 and the V2.0 is not fully backward complient so V1.5 can't read your contacts. I have taken this up with VX and they have no plans to uodate the firmware on there Bluetooth system at this time. I have had to put my sim in an older Motorola and now works fine.
      VX not only ones with this problem, as it also applies to other car makers as when they decided to install Bluetooth in cars, they agreed a standard with the phone makers of V1.5 but phones have moved on and the car makers have not
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        I have an N95, I can't say i've tried it with the VX system recently. But I have a Parrot kit in my car. It used to, before I did something about it, just show the number of who was calling you, not the name, no entries in the phone book etc.

        How I fixed the problem was by going into the phone book on the phone, marking all contacts, then sending as a business card via Bluetooth into the Parrot system. That then cured that problem. Not sure if its a fix for the factory fit though.