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Sad News for Me and a Very Long Poem for Neil

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  • Sad News for Me and a Very Long Poem for Neil

    Some of you may know that I had some devastating news at the weekend. I opened our front door at 8am on Saturday morning to see a police officer stood there asking to come in... the not so nice kind with the white cap

    I knew immediately that something was wrong and he told me that my brother had been killed in a collision with an HGV at 2.39am that morning... he was 30yrs old last week. Me and my brother weren't ever that close but in recent months, since moving house, we have been getting on really well and he took me into his confidence a lot more. Just as that was getting through to my brain, the officer then told me he was with Marc, not only his best friend, but also our cousin (by marriage). Marc was alive but had serious head injuries. He died from these injuries on Tuesday morning.

    We were allowed to see my brother for the first time since the accident yesterday and I can only think that this is why I had to write the following, very long - sorry, poem to my brother. I hope you don't mind me sharing - I never told him how much I loved him and now I just want to tell the world!

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    I will never forget that Saturday morning,
    When I opened the door with no fear and no warning
    Only to see a police officer there,
    With his white cap, covering his hair

    He told me you had been taken you see,
    Whilst driving your cherished white Audi
    A million thoughts ran through my mind,
    Like why had God been so unkind?

    How could he
    Do this to you?
    With your heart of gold,
    And someone who everyone knew!

    I was trying to call dad on his phone
    When I was told you weren't alone
    Your passenger was Marc, he had said
    He was hanging on but had hurt his head.

    Marc was very poorly
    And very ill
    But no medicine could help him,
    No jab, no pill.

    We will never know what happened that night
    And why you couldn't put up a fight
    To us you were always so strong
    Set in your ways, you could do no wrong.

    Neil we remember you for the good times we had
    And we are trying so hard not to be sad
    But now you've gone there is such a big hole
    And we find it hard to be consoled.

    Your heart was always in the right place,
    And to a few, you were their saving Grace
    We were getting on better more recently
    And I'll always remember playing you and Marc on our PS3's.

    "You're ****" you would say
    But at least we were having a laugh and a play
    Now of course, it won't be the same
    Especially not having you to help me cheat at my games!

    We'll never see you take a wife,
    Or have the children who would have completed your life
    You never wanted to hurt anyone
    Least of all take Marc from his little ones.

    If only you'd listened
    Once and for all
    But you were you,
    You knew it all.

    We know that you and Marc are together again
    Causing chaos to all the ladies in heaven
    I wanted you to stay here with me
    But sadly that wasn't meant to be.

    I hope God knows what he's let himself in for
    When you and Marc knock at his door
    Maybe he will send you both back
    Thinking to himself "**** that!" (sorry!!)

    We will never get over our loss
    Your stuff in your room still left in the box
    We hope that you will always be near
    And that our thoughts, you will hear.

    Never again will I feel your touch,
    I never thought I could miss you so much!
    I can only hope that you would have known
    Just how much I love you so.

    I will always be thinking about you Neil, be good and be happy xxx xxx
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      a very heartwarming tribute....good nite god bless guys


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        sorry for ure loss,makes you realise lifes too short. take care.


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          thats beautiful, so sorry for your loss


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            thats really really nice paula. as i said earlier u no where i am xx
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              Thank you all, and thank you Aaron. I may have to take you up on that next week!

              I have only ever written one poem before this one and I happened to win a competition with it. I'm not really a poetry kind of girl but I had to write it cos Neil woke me up in the middle of the night, just like he used to with his drunken calls - you know the ones - "I love you sis"!!


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                Very nice poem, a fitting tribute, god bless.
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                  Devastated for you. You'll be in my thoughts, take care.


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                    sorry for your loss thats terrible news


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                      sorry for your loss it must be terrible


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                        In my thoughts Paula.....

                        This always helped me in times of trouble..

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                          That poem was really nice

                          Im sure he is looking down on you

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                            Thanks for your kind words guys

                            That's really nice Marc x


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                              My condolences to you, Times like these are never easy, just remember he's not really gone, he's just a chapter further on in the book we call living.