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Palmer Sport Track Day Photos

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  • Palmer Sport Track Day Photos

    Paula (Pxx) thought it would be nice to share a few photos of a track day that we were lucky enough to take part in last Monday with her fellow VXR members, as i have done with my fellow ST members. Before jumping in, its probably best if i give you a bit of background information first so here goes.

    Back in August of this year i entered a competition i had seen on the top gear magazine in conjuction with turtle wax. I had to take a photo of my car before and after cleaning it.

    I managed to win the weekly prize and was notified shortly afterwards i was one of three winners. As a result i had to attend a photoshoot for the top gear magazine in Milton Keynes. I managed to take a few photos of the day.Click on photo below.

    That was a great experience to be honest and i was very proud to see my car in the November edition of the top gear magazine.

    Got all that out of the way so here goes for the best bit.

    The Final part of the prize came and went monday just gone and consisted of a full day at palmer sport track day for me and a guest

    Some of the top bosses/exectives from both top gear magazine and turtle wax were there along with us prizewinners. They did try and nobble us the night before though by getting us drunk.

    My guest was Pxx (paula - vxr burg owner) who you will all undoubdtedly know and who has always wanted to attend one of these days.

    The Caterham 7 superlight Driving Dual was fun but i kept spinning and have to admit i lost 3 - 0 to paula and she even stalled on the first run

    The landrover defender challenge was different and guess what - pxx beat me again

    Next off we were in the Karts and i think i found my level as i managed to beat pxx on this one

    After this the next event was the Palmer Sport JP1 and what can i say

    Next off was the Formula Jaguar which was a fantastic experience to know how to spin one of them cars and get blacked flagged



    Dont you just love the romper suit that paula is wearing

    That finished the morning session and after a rather nice lunch we went onto the afternoon session

    Started off with the Caterham 7 sprint which i manged to just beat paula

    Next off was the renault clio cup car which i just manged to take it again - i wont mention what happened to pxx here you can ask her yourself

    Then came the big boys. First the Porsche 911 JP3 and i am sad to say pxx kicked my backside by over 2 seconds faster and finished 4th overall on this one.

    The final event was the Jaguar XKR and yet again paula beat me by over just under 2 seconds. She certainly has an expensive taste in cars that she likes to drive

    Overall out of 15 competitors i finished a lowly 11th whilst Paula finished 8th with only 2 women taking part. =D> =D> =D>

    I did not mind losing out to a lady but found it hard to lose to a vxr representative

    I am sure you guys will want to congratulate Paula for representing the VXR club and beating me from the ST club.

    But just before you decide to give me some stick just ask Paula what car she drove to the Bluewater meet the day before. If you have not guessed she drove my ST to attend the meet so dont forget to give her plenty of stick. I have tried my best to convert her.
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    You haven't succeeded yet John

    Thanks for mentioning those suits... they are soooooooooo unflattering and I would like to mention I did have a t-shirt, big fleece jumper and jeans on underneath it

    thank you for adding the thread though


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      I did this driving day in late September.............brilliant. There were 120 that day!!!

      Looks like you had fun.