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  • custom calender

    Apoligies if u have seen this before but someone on AOC is doing calenders with your favourite pics of ur motor on... heres the link

    if that doesnt work here are the details..... i have ordered one with my vxr pics on it.

    Now that 2009 is only a few months away, im offering custom calendars for AOC/AS members.

    I print 13 pages (front cover, 12 months) with your choosing pictures on.

    I have to types of layouts. plain image or an arty effect as seen below.

    On the front cover you can choose what you would like to say on the front.(as seen below).

    All pages are binded together using binding wire with a hanging hook.

    As for the price im asking £5 plus £2 p+p.

    if you are interested then please either PM me or email me.

    [email protected] for more details
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