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B group rally cars 400 to 500 bhp

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  • B group rally cars 400 to 500 bhp

    Is anyboby fimilier with the b group rally cars from 1983 to 1986. there has been nothing like them before and nothing like them again.Back then the rally teams only needed to produce 200 production cars to enter their rally version so their imaginations ran wild and they ended up producing up to 500 bhp cars. Eventually it was all too much and it ended in two tragety events ,one in the portugal stage where the awesome rs200 went off the track and killed 4 spectators and injured 31 (due to the very bad crowd control) and the second happend two stages later in corsica where the world champion henri toivonen went down an embankment and crashed into a tree with lancia delta s4 where the car exploded and him and his co driver sergio died instantly. Within hours after the crash the f.i.s.a .banned the b group rally cars forever!!

    Listen to the lancia delta s4 when people on this forum say they want a dump valve on they're vxr this is what they want it to sound like.
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    good find......


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      Pug 205 T16 was an awesome car!!


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        They all were i, dowt our cars now on a stage 4 could not keep up with these animals . im glad theres people out there who appreciate these cars and drivers as much as i do because to be honest if you put one top car from the B class with an original driver in they're hay day against a top car and driver from today there would be no comparison this is a write up of henri toivonan at corsica:-

        Despite his ill health, he was taking stage win after stage win and leading the rally by a large margin. After the first leg, Toivonen commented:

        "This rally is insane, even though everything is going well at the moment. If there is trouble, I'm as good as dead.

        Toivonen was complaining about the car being too powerful for a rally like the Tour de Corse. He found it very hard to keep the car balanced on the road and admitted it was very exhausting. In a short interview before he steered his Lancia into the 18th stage, Toivonen made a comment which would remain his last words in public:

        "Today, we have driven the equivalent of a full Jyskälä. It's hard to keep up with the speed."

        Jyskala is a massive rally in central finland and it gathered over 500,000 spectators.

        During the second leg, on Friday, May 2, at the seventh kilometre of the 18th stage, Corte - Taverna, Toivonen's Lancia went off the side of the road at a tight left corner with no guardrail. The car plunged down a ravine and landed on its roof. The aluminium fuel tank underneath the driver's seat was ruptured by the trees and exploded. The fuel tank was not protected by a skid plate, an item used mainly on gravel rallies, which was not fitted for the all-asphalt Tour de Corse. The explosion happened within seconds of the crash, and Toivonen and his co-driver, Sergio Cresto would not have time to get out had they still been alive. The fire caused by the explosion was so intense that the Delta S4, built of fast-burning kevlar-reinforced plastic composite, was unidentifiable as a car afterwards. Both Toivonen and Cresto died in their seats. Toivonen left behind wife Erja and two young children, son Markus and daughter Arla, while Cresto was single with no children.
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          Yeah i avn't seen this before av a look how supid the spectators are. Talking about biteing your nose of to spoil your face
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