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Sat Here Like.....

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  • Sat Here Like.....

    A f****** idot now.

    Had to great days off work chilling wid the gf n mates. Got up right as rain for work and proceeded to go down the stairs when OPPPPPPS

    Started to go forward but pulled myself back to land all on my left foot and started to slide down the stairs. so ive knackered my left foot which i have wrapped tight in bandages and put a ice pack on.

    And my left arm is covered in carpet burn

    Im sure i heard the =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D> as i stopped sliding.

    So called work to say i carnt make it in, but i feel really gulity doing it

    Hope you guys had a better start to the day
    Corsa Has Left The Building

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    mate im off for 2 weeks cos I have 2 stitches in my leg where ive had some screws out n the DR says I cant go back in! Im bored outta my mind... I even found myself chatting up a girl from Adrian Flux just to pass the time


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      Maybe you boys could use the time to buy all your christmas pressies online?!


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        already done it that was the first day for me