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New Astra - Auto Express

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  • New Astra - Auto Express

    Did you see the article in the current Auto Express mag?, the new Astra is on the front cover due out in year 2010, and according to Auto Express the Astra VXR will have 4 wheel drive and over 250bhp can't wait to see that!!!
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    New Astra is due end of 2008. Ther ehave been no real news nuggets with regards to the new Astra VXR. Main focus will be on the New VXR 8.


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      But all mags are saying 2010 for the new astra. That fits in with the average 5 - 6 year cycle as well , the new astra model came out early 2005. (poss late 2004). 2008 is too soon, thats basiclly less than a year away.


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        I recon with vauxhall engerneering and 4wd, the new astra could probably be pushing 300bhp.


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          Am i right in thinkin tho that the current 4x4 system isn't the best?? :?

          Oh have i read too many articles and fell for the lies?


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            Probably not the best system as i actually cant think of any 4wd vauxhalls. Cept the Frontier. Is that 4wd? Still 2ltr turbo 4wd should easily b able to produce 300bhp.


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              Cav and Calibra 4 X 4 GSi Turbo's and yes the Frontera aswell. There have been some great 4 x 4 systems from vauxhall.