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2 strikes n you're out

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  • 2 strikes n you're out

    News Article

    Apparently the new idea is to give 6 points out if you're 20 mph over the limit!!

    Have a word Gordon!

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    I'm glad i have a Laser pro park, this is becoming ridiculous


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      OUr current government has got to get the money for their overspending and supporting "spongers" so why not go after an easy target to get the money - the motorist of course.

      The speed limits are due to kids not having any road sense. Why not have speed limits according to road conditions!!!!!!!!!

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        Its not only the above reason for speed limits but also reducing casulties when people are involved in accidents, which unfortunately can happen to the most experienced drivers in the land.

        It obvious, the faster that you go and have an accident the more likely you are to be brown bread (dead) so one reason is that if you stick to the prescribed speed limits and have an accident your more likely to live.

        Obviously in resdiential areas the speed limit is lower due to the increase of pedestrians but its also to do with potential objects the car can collide with and increase the risk.