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Does anyone do any off-roading or green laning?

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  • Does anyone do any off-roading or green laning?

    Seeing as im reluctant to shed out for a Vxr just yet, ive thought about getting an old discover, vogue or defender or some sort, and doing the above.

    Does anyone do or has done this in the past? Is it easy to get into and fun? I hear its hard, and as a novice i dont expect big ditches and fields just yet, but its something id like to do. I like the outdoors and like cars, so why not?

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    Move up here mate....plenty o hills,fields.....bloody sh*te roads for you to go 4x4in
    sigpicUse to have Astra VXR ST2(courtenay Sport ) 281bhp & 323lb/ft
    Gotta L200 4x4 now....Mental
    Who is up for a spot of Offroading


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      good fun mate if you can find the terrain, have owned a few 4x4 off-roaders in the past back in Aus but then we have plenty of country to drive......

      ps. not into these soft-roaders that have satuated the market, you need old fashion low range gearing to really get dirty


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        The island here is criss crossed with loads of green lanes, some are really heavy going, I did a few in the summer which was fun but when we got on the tops it was kinda falt so we were doing about 60mph then the gearbox blew up We only had an old defender with bald road tyres and was fine, second gear loads of revs, go anywhere


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          I go green laning every weekend on my LTZ400 quadbike


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            Not green laning but have a shoot in the hills south of Edinburgh and there is some tough going on parts, give me a shout and I'll show you my Disco, still got half a field attached to it!

            my VXR history: Arden Corsa, Astra Nurburgring, Corsa Arctic, Evoke VXR8, Black Corsa, Silver Vectra, a long weekend with an Insignia, a chilli burger and now a siggy tourer!


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              come too norfolk we got mud, no roads (sugar beet season) lol