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Hmm will this look alright?

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  • Hmm will this look alright?

    At the moment, the rear stip of the vectra (200, just says: V6 CDTI.

    I was hoping for a 3.0 before the v6, like the old GSI used to with its 3.2, and the current gen do with 1.9, 2.2 etc etc.

    Anyway found a 3.0 badge off ebay:

    But it looks more like the 3.0 badge of the old vec b. Is it?

    Any ideas if this would look out of place or not? I think it might...

    It would go against one of these (stole this pic from autotrader ):
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    If you sprayed them the same colour would look good. For all your tuning needs


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      It would look a bit too much on the back
      how about take them all off and by new 3.0 V6 badges that match and move it to one side so it looks more OEM


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        I agree, think it would look too much and if you did put it oon your going to want the same style badhes for all of them as the 3.0 looks very shiny and the others abit dull.

        Get rid of the CDTI and just have 3.0 V6