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  • In regards to recent posts

    I managed to read JT's post before it was removed...and to be was quite well written and would have been quite good to get things out in the open....but as the VXRmothership has asked for this to stop...I will stop but I do feel this is unfair on both now nobody will know the truth.....and as for the mods on here.... Dave mate nobody especially me would like to see you leave.....
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    I too read the post and agree.

    A moderator is there to keep the peace, whether everyone agrees or not, which is not always the easiest thing to do in a community as big as this.

    At the same time I don't agree with how the situation has been dealt with as most posts are simply asking what has gone on, which in turn with no official reasoning behind it turns into chinese whispers and in turn antaganises the situation more.

    The arguing has become petty and theres no need for it, especially those not involved.

    We're all here for the same reason, and as far as I was aware arguing wasn't it.
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      I too read the post, John was sticking his neck out writing it, but i'm very sure it would have cleared matters up between alot of members and should have been left in place.

      This forum is seeing alot of 5H1T recently, but not to forget it's the members that make the forum, so all do have to be treated fairly.