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  • Recently changed jobs

    I recently changed jobs. I used to work a night shift and i've changed to days so i could have my soial life back. Obviously this is a major drop in money as i got a night shift allowance. I got my social life back, but i don't get on with people i work with on the day shift as much as the night shift. Along with the big drop in money, i'm beginning to wonder if its acually worth it just so i can have a bit more of a life :?

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    ive just gone onto a night shift, only temporarily, and i must admit, im enjoying it. better people etc... but yeah, screwing my time off up bit time.

    i work 4 on 4 off, some guys work 7 on 7 off, i think a 7 on 7 off shift plan would be good for nights


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      Used to work nights years ago,loved it!!
      But I don't miss it now,apart from the shift allowance
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        I used to love working shift.. i used to do conti's

        7-3pm day
        7-7pm day
        7-7pm nite
        11-7pm nite
        4 days off


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          i work offshore and with my rota i usually work 7 nights, 7 days then 3 weeks off. i like doing the nights as it breaks up the 2 weeks when your out there and its generally a bit quieter


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            Supposed to do 9-5:30 but usually more, plus on call 3 outta 4 weeks 24/5


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              I work first, backs and night shifts. Times are:

              1st 05:30 to 13:30
              Backs 13:30 to 21:30
              Nights 21:30 to 05:30

              Do 2 firsts then 2 backs and then 3 nights, then it changes to 2 first 3 backs then 2 nights............and then 3 first, 2 backs and 2 nights then I get 10 days off (do have 2 days off after each 7 days as well.

              Can screw up the social life a bit but the shift pay is well worth it :wink:

              Seem to be working 12hr shifts at the moment though as one of the oher managers is sick, by this Sunday I will have worked an 86 hr week


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                86hrs I was working 60-70 at 1 point and i almost killed myself Nice when you see your wage slip though


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                  Originally posted by Adski
                  86hrs I was working 60-70 at 1 point and i almost killed myself Nice when you see your wage slip though
                  Ha, our "old shared HR" department keep mucking up our overtime/call out payments up, I'm still waiting for O/T from September last year.....

                  Working shift does have it's drawbacks, but also it's plus points.

                  my pattern is:

                  Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 8pm 7hours days (lates)
                  Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm 8hours days (earlies)
                  Monday-Thursday 8pm-8am following day (nights)
                  Finish friday morning then off till the following friday
                  Friday 8am-4pm
                  Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm

                  So we get a week off... :wink:

                  Although due to shift changes/course I've been earlies for the past 3 weeks, my first week was 73 time away working in Swindon as well whilst we close that "office" and move it north.


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                    Blimey ive just finished 2 years of 5.30am till 6.30 pm 7 days a week!!!

                    As from next week i will be 5.30am till 2.30pm as

           nearly dead

                    2...Pick up car and

                    3... about time someone else did my other half a day!!!

                    Thats printing for ya!!
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