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The Bo55 is back....from Daytona

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  • The Bo55 is back....from Daytona

    Well, just got back from a week in Florida for the Daytona 500.....did you miss me........thought not.....

    All I can say is that you have to be there...Seeing 43 highly tuned V8s whizzing past at almost 190MPH, inches from the wall and each other is a spectical that cannot really be visuallised on TV.

    On Saturday, in the Busche race, there was a 10 car pile-up right in front of us....wicked....and the tyresmoke...almost choked us....

    Sunday was a great race but sadly my driver (Tony Stewart) was punted off the track and finished dead last.

    A few other highlites of the trip were

    - Scraping ICE from the car, This is Florida for Cripes sake..
    - Pulling up an artificial golf green from a Golf store that had just closed down.
    - Watching a Delta rocket launch from Cape Canaveral
    - Airboat ride through the marsh lands east of Orlando and seeing some fairly big Gators * This is a MUST DO if you are ever out there, It's fantastic *
    - Chatting up the hostee on the Delta flight to New York and getting moved from Economy to 1st Class \/
    - Yep, Sunburnt again
    - Filling the car up and only costing $30 (£15)
    - Massive pizzas for $5

    I've posted a few of the race pics in here and will post some more here when I get them sorted out.

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    sounds like you had a good time BO55 \/ \/ \/
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      nice one getting upgraded!!

      It sounds like you had an amazing time


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        Was in Florida 4 weeks ago and the weather was rubbish like you describe,frosty and colder than you would expect,but don't the press go overboard about it?On and on warning folks that they would die if they got a bit chilly.Went 1st class too very happy Slept all the way home
        Glad you had a good time
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          I went last year it was scorching, April is a great time to go. Ill definetly go back, did nearly 2000 miles touring